Hints, Tips, Things I Should Know?

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Hints, Tips, Things I Should Know?

Postby Sixxor » Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:09 am

OK so many of you guys have played in many beta/stress test weekends and probably have a fairly decent idea of how things work and what you're going to do in the actual game.....

I haven't. At all.

My only knowledge of the game is from watching the trailers and previews and some of the early gameplay vids from years ago.

Given that by the end of this week I should be joining you all, do you have any tips or hints for me at all? Anything I should know about character creation? Any race/class restrictions for getting in the guild? Any choices that could potentially cripple me later on if I choose poorly?

Anything at all, not just for me but for anyone coming into the game who hasn't had any exposure to it yet and could do with some tips to get started?

Cheers. :)
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Re: Hints, Tips, Things I Should Know?

Postby Mori » Mon Aug 27, 2012 6:20 am

- At character creation - make the choices you feel like making. It's a nice part of the game and there are no guild-related restrictions.
- But if you haven't tried any classes yet, be prepared to find that the one you choose doesn't play quite how you expected. You may end up creating a couple of characters before you find the class you like. (On the other hand, I loved my first Guardian character from the outset and it's still my favourite to play.)
- Once you've created a character and are in the game, add some guild people to your Friends List. Once you find one who's online, whisper to them for an invite to the guild.
- It's good to get in the guild as soon as possible, because every activity you complete earns influence for the guild, which can be used to purchase nifty stuff!
- Important: It's possible to be in as many guilds as you like, but the character you're currently playing has to choose which one to represent at a given time. Therefore, once you're in the guild, you still need to click the "Represent" button in the guild tab.
- For inventory management, make good use of the "Sell All Junk" button at the merchant (which sells all your non-salvageable "trophy" items), and the "Deposit All Collectibles" button in the cog menu of the inventory (which sends all crafting materials to the bank, which can be found in all major cities).
- You can draw on the minimap OR the full screen map by holding shift as you draw. Shift-clicking pings the map. Alt-clicking sets a "personal waypoint" to guide yourself to somewhere (click it to remove it again).
- Alt+drag a stack in your inventory to split it.
- You get XP from gathering materials, crafting, reviving people, and exploring as well as from simply killing stuff.

Here are some guild folks you can add to your friends list:
Lizaya Morte
Muppet Rangler
Kivan Frostwood

Unfortunately guilds and friends lists are a bit broken right now so those are from memory :(

Will add more tips as the game develops, feel free to add your questions below!
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Re: Hints, Tips, Things I Should Know?

Postby Muppet » Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:51 am

My hint is - start playing!

Though really.
Don't worry about how tricksy it is to play as a party in early PvE. Everyone is on differnt story lines (even if same class/race) and in different parts of the world. Can do other peoples stories with them if you aint rushing to level up, though we ar using party to chat to folks that can't get in guild cos of it being broklen. I think that around Lev30 the stories converge into the main trunk that takes everyone through the hard stuff till the end. And there will be dungeons and stuff to do together then too. We will need to start partying up when it gets serious ;)

If you like PvP stuff then don't forget that you can hop in to WvW with your brand new baby Lev2 fresh out of intro missions, as you get bumped to Lev80 when you do. No need to grind away through PvE until high level if ya don't like it. Though your default gear and skills may not be up to taking one the real PvP folks 1-1.

The main source of XP in PvE is not killing baddies, is events and story rewards. So join in when events trigger to get them levels up faster. Follow the zerg!

Don't rush away from an area soon as an event ends as many are in chains. At the end of some chains is a big boss and a chest full of goodies.
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Re: Hints, Tips, Things I Should Know?

Postby Sixxor » Mon Aug 27, 2012 3:10 pm

Good stuff so far, cheers!

Keep em coming! :)
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