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Welcome a newbie today!

Postby Mori » Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:09 am

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I'm sure all you long-time members harking way back to the Guild Wars 1 beta have noticed some new, unfamiliar names appearing in the roster. Perhaps you've even invited some friends yourself - good on you! But these newcomers seem to be playing quietly by themselves and not saying much in Guild chat, and you wonder why they aren't making more effort to dive into our sparkling, vibrant community.

Well, prompted by Evernights's input (see his comment on the guild roster) I'd like to encourage you all to look at it another way: it's not their job to force themselves into a close-knit group of friends that's built up its internal ties over many years. It's our job to create new ties and prevent the guild from stagnating!

So, now and then, please do take the time to whisper a member you don't know, introduce yourself, and maybe go out of your way to party with them and help them out with whatever quest they're stuck on. I know Rhay does this all the time, because he's just a naturally friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic fellow. I think it would be lovely if we could all, now and then, strive to be like him.

Ta, ducks! x

For reference, here is Evernight's comment that prompted this, and my response:

Andrew White wrote:Hi guys, Evernight here :) Thanks for the concern Justin, I wasn't hacked though - I was in two guilds and left them both at the same time. I wasn't going to bring it up as I didn't want to put any negativity on the whole thing, preferring to slip out quietly, but I guess it might help others if I explain.

It wasn't anything specific, but rather a culmination of similar minor issues with boths guilds which kinda mounted up. It's nothing personal to anyone, and I won't go into too much detail as it'd take too long.

I think the point which tipped the scales was that with both guilds, I was repeatedly putting myself down to do story-mode dungeon runs, often first to respond, yet I'd always end up being shuffled out of those going in favour of those in the guild who were considered closer friends, sometimes even those who had already done the story-mode. I never did do any story mode dungeons in the end, even though I'd spent several hours in total waiting for the party invites which never came, or as is the case with the other guild, would patiently work to try and get a bugged member fixed for ages, yet if I were the bugged one they'd go in anyway and say "Sorry, we'll do it again some other time".

Another slight issue is that I had put over 100 hours into the guild over 2 weeks, yet never once saw another member in person, despite my attempts. (Well, except for the two times I specifically hunted down my two friends in the guild to party in WvW). I know that's more the fault of the game design, but it does end up making the guild [for me] little more than a glorified chat room amongst a clique of friends, of which I largely felt left out. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, it's not meant to be, I'm just trying to be candid about it for practicality's sake. When I left the guild, I figured no-one would notice I'd left until it came time to clean up the roster, which I think speaks volumes.

The only reason I'm posting this really, is because I understand the problems associated with running or being part of a guild, and it's easy to overlook the small things. There's no reason for this to happen with future members who may end up being some of your best friends online or even RL.

I normally play MMO's with a group of American friends, and we've all been very close for about 15 years of it.. I'd hate to think that we might not have met if we'd not made the effort to begin with. It only takes a little to make someone feel welcome, but then nor does it take much to make them feel alienated and undervalued. I've always gone out of my way to make new members feel part of the family, and would ask them first if they wanted to do dungeons etc., I wouldn't dream of removing them in favour of those I know better.

Anyway, I know you guys get on great together, and I don't want to be a Debbie Downer. I'll leave it at that and wish you all good hunting :)

-Evernight (Reltrethan, Cloudsbreak, Shaelorn, Braethelm)

Justin Cheadle wrote: Thanks for taking the time to explain, Andrew. It's definitely something we can (and should) work on. Any online community that's been together for a long time can feel like a clique to newcomers unless they go out of their way to be welcoming - I've seen it often enough before that I shouldn't be surprised it's happening here.

House Behelit is currently (as it has always been) very informally structured and managed, so it's too easy for accidental exclusion to happen in the chaos of getting a party together. I'd be very surprised if any of the long-time members would -deliberately- exclude a newer member in favour of someone they knew, and I'd give the culprit a good talking to if that were the case.

I'm going to put up a notice about being actively welcoming to new members to try and reduce this sort of thing. As you point out, it's stupid to be losing folks this way who could otherwise have been a great fit for the guild. (I would of course be delighted if you wanted to rejoin and give us another chance, but equally I take no offence if our casual/informal style just isn't the right fit for you.)

Not seeing each other in game is a different problem, and one I'm struggling to figure out. I was hoping once people had had a chance to explore the world enough and level their characters, grouping would start to occur naturally, but I'm not sure that's really going on yet. The swingeing cost of constantly travelling across the world via waypoints isn't helping that either.
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