Factions Reward Times (I suppose I should tag this Spoiler!)

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Factions Reward Times (I suppose I should tag this Spoiler!)

Postby Avalyn » Sun May 07, 2006 8:25 pm

I figured it'd be more helpful to post them all here rather than people waiting for Guildwiki to load and then having to check every single one. So these times are the times needed for each reward in the Cantha missions.

Minister Cho's Estate: Ex: 25 Minutes. Ma: 20 Minutes.
Zen Daijun: Ex: 25 Minutes. Ma: 20 Minutes.
Vizunah Square: Ex: 30 Minutes. Ma: 25 Minutes.
Nahpui Quarter: Ex: 30 Minutes. Ma: 25 Minutes.
Tahnnakai Temple: Currently unknown, but after doing it with Mori and Muppet the other day and only getting standard, id guess at Expert being 25 and Master being 20, though dont quote me on that.
Arborstone: Again, unknown, though id guess at Ex: 30 minutes, and Ma: 25 minutes.
Boreas Seabed: Ex: 25 Minutes. Ma: 20 Minutes.
Sunjiang District: Ex: 25 Minutes. Ma: 20 Minutes.
The Eternal Grove: Apparently, TEG is different from the previous missions, as instead of a time based reward, to obtain master you must keep all 12 Tree Singers alive. Nothing on Expert is mentioned, but im assuming you get it when you receive the masters too.
Gyala Hatchery: Masters may be 20 minutes, and im then guessing expert will be 25 minutes. *gives a cookie to Kivan*
Unwaking Waters: Again, nothing is known at the moment.
Raisu Palace: See above :P
Imperial Sanctum: Ma: 2 Minutes 30 Seconds. Nothing about expert is mentioned.

I hope thats useful, Ill try to discover the times for the other missions, and then ill post them here too.
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Postby Muppet » Sun May 07, 2006 10:08 pm

ooh... I got the Masters at Gyala, but can't remember the time :/
Also got the Masters for the Sanctum... cos one of the teams did it real fast.
I got Expert at Raisu - but again no idea what the time was.

Guess I better start paying attention :o
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Postby Rhayader » Tue May 23, 2006 1:36 am

just did the expert on imperial sanctum. but problem was it was too fast to even notice. the battle was literally over in about 45seconds. the poeple on the pug i was with must have used some pretty intense stuff. anyway, on that mission i guess its really easy if u all bring kuunavangs power
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