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Really old GW screenshots

Postby Rhayader » Tue Apr 07, 2009 2:54 pm

I was doing some GW wallpapers, and went to the official site to download the source material that they have there, like the logos and stuff.
since i was using my own screenshots for the wallpapers i decided to check out the screenshot section that they have there for ideas. i never gave any attention to it, i just figured that they were marketing screenshots, the kind that we've already seen hundreds of times.

but that wasnt the case!
i was surprised to find out that most of the shots were taken of really old versions of GW. so i wanted to share a few of the ones i liked the most.

A Warrior set that never made it to the final version. and also an area that sadly also seems to have been left behind.

Funny little "trolls". maybe they turned them into mergoyles?

I really like the old Pyromancer set. too bad they got rid of it. seen this one before, but it was the first time that i found it on such high quality. i think there is a mod that allows you to wear it. never seen the male version.
(silly imageshack cant provide a thumbnail for that particular image, go figure...)

These guys look like a lot of fun! i wonder if they crawl around. too bad they dont exist anymore. they sure look better than the stupid devourers.

there are a couple of other cool ones showing some odd stuff. like a human torso being cooked on a brazier, a charr in the middle of the snow (wich i didnt think it was possible before EoTN), some more armor sets amog others
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