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BHLT > Dhuum !

Postby Muppet » Sun Nov 22, 2009 12:45 am

So a few of us, with some heroes, went to see what this new God was like. Took a mixed bag of chars - Muppet=Monk (Unyielding healer), Kiv=Ranger(BHA & stuff), Varda=Ranger/Rt (Spirit spam), Aki=Necro (SS). We took 3 Disco necros and an Ele for Heroes.
Found they had added LOADS of extra things to kill on all the 10 quests, as well as them Skele of Dhuum running around too. But really we still only struggled on 4 Horsemen, as with no proper tank to hold one side we ended up doing the mad fight around the Reaper. Luckily I was able to keep him alive and had a Res Scroll to bring back 6 of the party when we was down to 2 of us left.
The rest of the quests took longer but was not really a problem. Though that was mainly due to Varda's epic suicide runs into enemy territory to get the soulkeeper things during Unwanted Guests. Glad to say they fixed the bug so soon as she killed it all the Vengeful cows dropped dead, no need to try and run out of aggro.

Then we got to Dhuum.
Went on for ever. Two of the heroes got turned into spirits, but the rest of us never did. We just kept pummelling away at him and his minions, coping with the damage he did us faily easily but just unable to damage him much. Didn't help that he appears to be immune to Weaken Armor and Enfeeble, so Disco was useless. When Kiv dazed him it lasted about 2 seconds only :/ But after many many minutes of just plugging away he just gave up and sat down, and we were declared winners! I put some screenshots up on my wiki pics page.

Oh - a warning there. Once in a gate (pic5) shuts behind ya and there is no way out, so if ya want to run for chests or cash in quests do it before going in.
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Postby Klokwurk » Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:26 am

Aww, I missed it. :(
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Postby Erendis » Sun Nov 22, 2009 12:59 pm

I think we got lucky with Dhuum or the extra healing from all of Muppet's disco necros got us through and even made for a long and boring fight.
The Guru forums are bursting with people crying nerf! and moaning/whining over his insane damage waves and the amount of minions he spawns and how they keep repeatedly failing when it's time to face Dhuum, even in NM. o_O
So either we're awesome (which we are, but we had a rather random team setup) or people are being extra whiny (which... yes, they are). Honestly, getting through the Four Horsemen was a lot harder.

In any case, we we did win (and got nothing too awesome to show for it), but... we took pretty pictures!

Here's a close up of the fellow:
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Postby Muppet » Sun Nov 22, 2009 1:58 pm

Yeah, I think the combination of:-
- 3 disco necros with their party wide heals & prot
- 1 player monk able to just spam heals on anyone that did get low (player or reaper)
- 1 spirit spammer distracting most of the damage from the minions as they wade into the spirits instead of us

... all led to us surviving the onslaught quite well.

Having Varda spam cons also probably helped a lot.

So overall - a bit of luck, a bit of good prep with cons, and a bit of we are awesome.

And Klok - I'm happy to do it again with another guild gang if we get a chance.
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Postby Varda » Sun Nov 22, 2009 4:33 pm

I can understand people complaining about Dhuum being a bitch. I spent the fight spamming Honeycombs (had 230, am down to 170-ish) because even though only two heroes died, Dhuum has an attack that deals death penalty. I guess it's ahrder to face him on 60 dp.

As it is, that fight proved a bit boring and monotonous. All I was was run around casting spirits in different places. I think we lacked damage overall, on this trip, and especially against Dhuum. Zhed was a fire ele with searing flames - Dhuum doesn't get conds a whole lot. The necros were a defensive disco gang - again, conds don't work on Dhuum very well, so they mostly just healed us. Still, it worked.

I'd like to do it again, certainly.
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Postby Infinity » Sun Nov 22, 2009 7:47 pm

Oddly, I don't think I was on anything less than a 10% morale boost for the entire fight. I spent most of the time running away from the big bloke with the scythe and as the dp skill is a touch I think he must have given up chasing me. That being said I don't think that particular skill is entirely 'fair' as the only way to counter it is an over-reliance on consumables.
I actually think having heroes with us helped, as they knew how to use the ghostly skills effectivly (except encase skeletal, which only makes things worse). If only skills like Veretas Gaze or Consume Soul would work against his minions.
Oh, and while I'm sure BHA was interrupting him when it landed on a spell, deep wound from 'Finish Him' wasn't showing up.

I wouldn't like to do it in HM, especially seeing as we almost wiped at the four hoursemen quest (not that the party was very well set up for that). I think success in HM will be reserved only for precise gimmick builds, which is a shame, as there's far too much of that already.
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