New content with Wintersday update

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New content with Wintersday update

Postby Muppet » Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:48 pm

In case you haven't been watching - Wintersday is with us once more. But as well as the usual stuff a few new things have been added this year.

1 - The Wedding!
If you have finished Hearts content then you wlil be able to attend the wedding. Do chat to the NPCs after, a few have some fun lines :)

2 - A new hero
A third Paragon. Not sure what use, but I guess they want he numbers even (3 of each type)...

3 - New quests
There's a new repeatable game type - sorta DotA style. I'd suggest not trying with h/h unless you like a challenge, as it is snowball based and h/h are notoriously bad at snowball.

4 - New costumes
They must be raking in some good cash with the costume sales, as they have made yet more sets to sell you!
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