Monday's and tonight's GvG sessions.

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Monday's and tonight's GvG sessions.

Postby khaz » Fri Feb 17, 2006 12:44 am


We won our first GvG. :)

On a more realistic note, they were a very very poor guild. Rank somewhere 6000+, their monks and warriors were very poor and we had a flawless win. Just to point out how bad, once we made it into their base, klok and me had focused a warrior who had lagged behind, to try and survive our assault, he SWITCHED TO AN ENERGY FOCUS ITEM and tried to heal himself. You can guess the rest: krak, thwack, boom.

We also played two random matches. The second one against a guild with a very similar rank and rating to ours. This match was completely ours. We held the flag stand, we held the middle, we even got the outside catapult up, we even bombarded their base a couple of times, we even pushed them back when they tried to cut through the farm land.

Then the lag spike of doom came.


And another random match where the opposing guild was simply to good for us. :)

Generally though should have been 2/3 instead of 1/3. Even in the last match we put up a decent showing.


I'll leave the pre-game and in-between match 1 and 2 histrionics out of this, mmmk? ;)

Ofter the pasting we recieved from the Tribal people with their order of the vampire + 4 rangers with vampiric bows spike spam in the first match, we quickly adapted the build to counter it.

In came greater conflaguration and shields up from klok and me. This made a HUGE difference. In round 1, we lost the gvg in 10 minutes. In round 2, after 10 minutes we WERE still fighting for the flag stand. The control between the two teams switched at least 6 times by my count. Abes overcame his wussyness about playing a running warrior and focused on the job. Talk about great stuff, he stuck to his job and even helped out in fighting when he could. :o A solid 10 minute battle of back and forth which was quite frankly awesome.

The monks in particular were doing a superb job. I don't think at any point I was ever worried about getting a heal. Sadly, somewhere betwee 10-12 minutes was the breaking point. They found the conflag spirit, took it down, cue mass slaughter. Think they destroyed half our team in what, 90 seconds?

No need to go into details of turtling and the like. We know the routine here.

Things got interesting in the final match. Tribal ran a pressure build, the concept virtually same as ours. Instead of focusing on energy denial exclusively, they piled on the hp degen pressure. I think our three monks must have had a helluva time keeping everyone up. However, like any pressure build, they lacked damage. Having three warriors, we took advantage. Klok, me and abes (When not running the flag) did a decent job. Mesmers as everyone know are puny little things who fall like leaves. Consequently one of them went down about 5 times. :p A necro and the monks were also taken out several times.

[edit] Forgot to mention, having 2 mesmers in their team did make it very hard though. As soon as one went down, the other would be resmering instantly. Infact, both of them were ruperb resmers regardless of how much we killed them. [edit]

Their greater experience showed us up in the end though. Not to mention the deciding factor of their two superb hammer gale warriors. They coordinated to somewhat scarily effective levels.

Interestingly, even though we went to turtling the lord, I dont think we've ever held a better turtle. Heck, Abes even got the flag stand back, AND WE EVEN GOT A MORALE BOOST! I had +7% at one point, during turtling! Not to mention again the several times we managed to take out a mesmer or two, their necro and one of the monks.

It was to late though. :) Still, awesome game.

Build Effectiveness:

We've been playing this build for quite a while now. Its near perfect. Atleast in the area of applying pressure and not much else. The final match against Tribal showed a better way of applying pressure and providing damage. We simply lack damage. And we need to find a more effective method of applying damage to the right enemies at the right time. I'd say we lack an ele or another mesmer. However, three monks works rather well for us, but there must be a way of raising the amount of damage we can output.

Of the top of my head, its looking like we'll have to sacrifice a warrior or one monk. Or convert one monk to pure smiting with a bit of backup healing.

One of the build's biggest strengths is however its adaptability. The core components of applying pressure on energy degen really dont require replacing. We need to figure out a way of applying some hp degen as well while providing damage at the same time. Definite coordination between the warriors and necro is required.
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Postby Varda » Fri Feb 17, 2006 5:07 pm

Sounds like you had quite a lot of fun. :D

A big cheer for everyone involved.

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Postby Rhayader » Sat Feb 18, 2006 12:56 pm

i think another mesmer would be usefull. a migrain mesmer if possible. i suggest a pressure build at the mesmer topic if u want.

i got completely frustrated in the matches against tribal. im not a bad loser. i dont feel bad when losing in HA for example. but somehow losing in gvg makes me feel real bad. specially when losing so quickly.

when facing the ranger spike build it made me wish i had distortion, me and bera became their favourite targets (we must have been doing a good job, uh? ;) ) forcing us to hide behind houses! aegis was also a life saver.

they also had a good positioning. their monks allways stayed very far to a point i could almost never reach them. only came up front when being chased by our warriors, or when someone ese needed healing

still, it makes me think we still have a long way to go, and as we noticed, our main problem seems to be dmg dealing.
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Postby Mori » Sat Feb 18, 2006 1:01 pm

Rhayader wrote:i think another mesmer would be usefull. a migrain mesmer if possible. i suggest a pressure build at the mesmer topic if u want.

Check out the mark II build - I guess great minds think alike :P
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