GvG Session - 20.02.06

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GvG Session - 20.02.06

Postby khaz » Mon Feb 20, 2006 11:57 pm

An absolutely fugging great night of GvG. We had 3 wins. Count'em! THREE WINS! Rating is happily over 1000. Ranking is upto 1540 (A whopping increase of 3000 places or so).

Mori's gvg build mark 2 is certainly a superb piece of work. Despite this being our first night of using the build, it just shows our increase in experience that we were able to use it without much hassle. All three GvG wins came against guilds ranked higher than us and seeing as I sat out two of the rated wins, what I could tell from the talk on vent was despite in a couple of matches where we were losing the early game we pulled our way back in to victory.

This is especially true of the 3rd rated win. All I remember from vent during the first 5-8 minutes of the match is Abes resmering everyone. "I'll res rhay, i'll res anya, i'll res laika, i'll res mori". :] Turns out we overcame this and went on to win. Of course I panicked for half a second when after all that pushing the other guild back Varda goes "I'll go get the guild thief" which had me thinking she was still in the base! :(

And oh, the sheer collective "YAAAAR!" when the thief arrived at the gate was quite simply, AWESOME!

In terms of build effectiveness in the long run and its pros and cons its to early to tell yet. However the final rated match of the night, against a guild ranked 319, we were outdone by a simple 3/5 split. We went out only to find 3 of their team at the flag stand while the other 5 had buggered of down the side path and ran right in and took 2 of the bodyguards out. Needless to say, this threw us into a somewhat strategic meltdown as we ran like headless chicken between the two gates and then screwing ourselves all over again by trying to take their guild thief out only to mess ourselves up even more in the process. :)

It eventually led to our defeat. Even so, this was a good spank back into reality after the evening's winnings. As we have a solid 40 seconds before the gates are allowed to be opened we should try and take an opportunity to see if guilds run splits or not.

And let's not even start on the unrated matches for the tourney. Good god. ;( Painful as fuck.

But for the time being we need to keep this up and get a few more victories under our belts before we start making any major build modifications and/or tweaks. But yes, a split build counter or at least counter strategy is something we definitely need to work on. Running into guilds with ranks lower than 500, its perfectly concievable they'll see our rank and decide to play it adhoc banking on our inexperience.

Still folks.


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Postby Muppet » Tue Feb 21, 2006 11:42 am

Go Guild!
Great to see this progress. Makes me wish I wasn't a tester and could have been part of this PvP/GvG learning experience :?
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Postby Varda » Tue Feb 21, 2006 2:03 pm

Oh my, yes. The first matches were awesome, I cna't believe the comeback we made! Really shows how important the flag stand control is, at the very least. :)
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Postby Rhayader » Tue Feb 21, 2006 8:04 pm

it gives great satisfaction so watch the score board and see our mass superiority over the oponent.
apart from our disadvantage when facing the split builds we did great like beras awesome skill with the catapult :D and we learned a lesson when we got bombarded inside the oponents base aswell.
i'd like to congratulate everyones work. we did a geat team effort. but specially i'd like to thank klok and bera cuz they allways delivered the final blow on my targets without me having to call them, showing great awareness!
i had great fun draining the monks energy as they ran around trying to get away from klok.
more gvg like this plz! thnxbye
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