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Postby Rhayader » Fri Apr 21, 2006 12:12 am

check out the ladder! wer on page 17! soon we will be ale to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!

dunno if we got lucky, or if the other teams just sucked. i know i found a lot of good players in the other teams but maybe their tactics wer just screwed up.

i was playing a simple anti warrior build, as most people tend to use a lot of warriors as the main dmg dealers lately so i thought that it would be nice to just ruin their plans.

here's what i used:
ineptitude; conjure phantasm; phantom pain; clumsiness; distortion; ethereal burden; spirit of failure, rez sig

i think the whole session went ok even though we had to bring a henchie. we only lacked a bit of coordination but i supose its becuz we didnt have anyone calling the shots

anyway i say its time to celebrate!
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Postby Varda » Fri Apr 21, 2006 12:36 pm

Well, all the low-ranked guilds were out making a name for themselfs, it seems. :)

Soon the "good" ones will be back in action, and we won't have an easy task...

(Who wants to GvG tonight? ;))
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Postby Infinity » Fri Apr 21, 2006 12:39 pm

The big guilds often leave it a week after the reset so that when they do play they get more out of playing the low ranked guilds and avoid meeting a good guild with a low rank.
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Postby Mori » Fri Apr 21, 2006 4:43 pm

Nullki was definitely very pessimistic about our performance despite our wins - but then, he always is a grouchy bugger. As usual we lacked a certain amount of coordination - many times I regretted not having logged into Vent to yell at people, because taking time out from monking to type things is risky - but I personally feel as though I'm getting better at keeping track of what's going on and figuring out strategy on the fly. I learn a lot more from close matches against guilds of around our standards than from getting hammered by guilds that are out of our league.
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Re: next stop...

Postby Muppet » Fri Apr 21, 2006 11:21 pm

Rhayader wrote:check out the ladder! wer on page 17!

OMG :shock:

I am so impressed !

Hope you got a screen shot. That should be on our forum somewhere, as a best ever achievement.

go go guildies :D
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Postby Lys » Wed Apr 26, 2006 3:08 pm

Now everything's back at its place : we're ranked lower than EvIL again =D

Like Kivvy said, it was more a matter of timing. On the first day of the new ladder, you could actually get in the top 100 by losing all your gvg's ^_- Though it would be sweet to think that we just r0X0rZx 11!!1!!
Anyhow, it's obvious that the more matches we play the more we get a hang of it. Especially tactics-wise. Though we really have to improve our way of splitting ^^;;; We should be able to know who to send to counter a certain split. And be able to split ourselves when we are losing a straight 8vs8 fight in order to dictate the pace of the match. Playing aggressively even after some deaths. It's better than sitting at the flagstand and waiting to be DP'out.

There are so many ways to win in GvG. During the first season finals, they were tremendous matches, especially from the korean teams. If you haven't watched them, you can still find the writing reports somewhere on . WM and RenO, against the best euro and us teams, showed that they were weaker skill-wise and maybe build-wise. Though they found a way to prevail at VoD, with lesser morale and more deaths. EW, iGi were flawlessing them, they had 10% morale and they still lost because WM played only for VoD. They were sacrificing their DP to kill one or two bodyguards. And once your npcs army has the flagstand control, it's almost over. You'll keep getting morale boosts and 5 mins later the enemy lord will walk to his death. Obviously, tactical mistakes from their opponents made it easier. But you can force your opponent to make mistakes =)
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