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Build creation and discussion

Postby Varda » Wed Jun 07, 2006 8:24 am

For all you strategists with knowledge of skills and professions out there: Isn't it high time we have a carefully plotted out build for our guild, again? More than just a lineup of professions and a few key skills, it would be handy to ahve a fully fledged build plotted out. Points to consider when making a build are simple:

What sort of tactic are we employing?
Where is our damage coming from?
What healing/protection does the team need?

On the tactics side, some of the things to consider are:

Splitting: At least in our guild hall the flag runner may need some backup, meaning two or even three people away from the main fight at the flagstand. In other maps, this may vary. however if a good split build is afreed form the start, this improves our chances greatly, even if we end up not having to split.

Does the build aim to take down enemies fast? Is it meant to wear down the healers' energy and have a mini spike ready once an enemy's life reaches a certain point? Harass the enemies until they can do almost nothing? Where do we fight? What are the priority targets? Is someone going after enemy npc's? Which character is better suited for this (if any)?

And many others I'm forgetting or simply don't know. I'm not knowledgeable enough to come up with a build myself, but I know some of you ARE - so get the creative juices flowing and come up with something. Or if you have an idea but don't know the answer to all of these questions, post it anyway and we'll discuss it until everything has been cleared out. Maybe we won't be able to play a buidl that's agreed upon right after it is created (if there are a lot of factions skills in it quite a few may not have them yet) but at least we'll know which skills to unlock first or cap or whatever. In the meantime, we can continue with any random build anyone comes up with for GvG practice. ;)
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Postby Varda » Sat Jun 10, 2006 1:05 pm

Since no one seems to want to get the ball rolling, I'l ldrop the kick.

Here's a build for everyone to rip to shreds. It is NOT to be used anytime soon. :P

2 W/x
2 Mo/Me
1 Rit/Me
1 Ne/Mo
2 E/Mo

Wa/x build:
Axe 10 | Strenght 14 | Tactics 11

Primal Rage {e}
Signet of Strenght
Warriors Cunning
To the Limit
Watch Yourself
Healing Sig
Res sig

Mo/Me Healing:
DF 16 | HP 12 | Insp 9

Blessed Light {e}
Dwayna's Kiss
Healing touch
vigorous spirit
Dwayna's Sorrow
Contemplation of Purity
Power Drain
Drain Enchant

Mo/Me Protection

DF 11 | PP 16 | Insp 9

Life Sheat {e}
Mend Condition
Prot Spirit
Power Drain
Drain Enchant


Spawning 15 | Communing | Insp 6

Ritual Lord {e}
Boon of creation
Mantra of Concentration OR Mantra of Resolve
Random useful skill
Res Sig


Blood 14 | Curses 11 | Soul Reaping 9 | Smiting 2

Vile Miasma
Parasitic Bond
Mark of Subvertion
Blood Ritual
Judges Insight
Res Sig

E/Mo Air Spike

Air 16 | Energy 13 | Smiting 2

Lightning Hammer
Lightning Orb
Lightning Javelyn
Lightning Strike
Enervating Charge
Judges Insight
Ether Prodigy
Res Sig

E/Mo Flag Runner

Water 16 | Energy Storage 8 | Healing 9

Deep Freeze
Ice Spear
Blurred vision
Armour of Mist
Elemental Attunement {e}
Healing Breeze
Res Sig

Like I said, this isn't a build to be used. It has glaring problems but the idea behind it is simple.

The two warriors are the main damage dealers. Buildup adren on random targets, then each of the wars inflicts a deep wound on an enemy. After doing this both slap on signet of strenght, warriors cunning and, only then, primal rage. This should be called out in vent; the air spiker and the Necro will then cast judges insight on a diferent warrior to give even mroe damage.

The air spiker deals damage all around and spikes a low-health target. Spike a target other than the one being called, to divert attention, or aid the warrior spike if needed.

The necro spreads hexes around, covering everything in sight with parasitic bond, and harasses a monk especially. Ideally Malaise would be cast right after mark of subversion and followed by parasitic bond. Blood Ritual for the Monks especially.

The Healing monk removes hexes; the main healing comes from dwayna's kiss, as enchantments will be in abundance. Blessed Light removes one hex and one condition, healing for 122 health while it does this. with a cost of 10 energy, it can't be abused... But it helps against ShadowShroud and deals with hex happy teams, as long as the necro is still up. Dawaynas Sorrow should be cast on allies whenever the energy can be spared, as it gives a cheap heal from Dwayna's Kiss. Vigorous spirit shoudl also be cast on as many allies as posible, and reaplied to, for the same reason. This monk SHOULD target a necro, if possibly, and baby-sit them to use power drain when in need of energy.

The protection monk prevents huge spikes, with the use of Life Sheat, and removes pesky conditions with mend ailment. Further health-loss prevention with prot spirit. Like the healing monk, it should baby-sit a caster with known long-cast-time spells to regain energy. Prot Spirit can be dropped for Contemplation of Purity.

The Ritualist backs up the two monks, by adding extra protection to the team. Should stay far out back, as spirits have a big radius. Can possibly deal damage by destroying spirits, as ritual lord makes them recharge quickly. Mantra of Concentration OR Mantra of Resolve prevent ranger interrupts. It's a matter of personal taste over which to use. Careful positioning to avoid interrupts is benefitial.

The flag runner ele will.. .Run flags, I imagine. It is not meant to deal huge chunks of damage, just run andslowdown enemies. When this character is with the main group, deep freeze+ maelstorm in a group of casters can greatly benefit a warrior spike.

Rip it to shreds, people. It's a silly build with a fair bit of idiotic things hrown in, but could, theorethically, work. It's not a cookie-cutter and requires a lot of coordination. It's doomed in some maps, doomed vs some teams with some skill sets, it might be good against others.

I'll post my own throughts on this some other time....

Edit: Forgot to put up the warrior build. :oops: Corrected now.
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Postby Rhayader » Sat Jun 10, 2006 6:53 pm

i noticed the lack of warrior builds. but i thought u might think of warriors as just tanks therefore noone should think too much about a warrior build :P
so ur thinking of using 2warriors of the same kind?

i tried the air ele build. but i must say i wasnt very satisfied with it. i ended up getting too much exaustion, and i didnt even get to use lightning hammer more than twice.but maybe im just playing the build wrong.

plus there are no mesmers...

other than that seems like a nice build. i specially liked the necro
keep it up! ur gonna bring a killer build in no time!

why use ether prodigy on the runner? it gives exaustion! why not use elemental attunement? or maybe a gliph?
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Postby Varda » Sat Jun 10, 2006 10:57 pm

I failed to realise that Maelstrom gave exaustion too... Elemental attune should be used instead, yes. ^^; No heal party on that necro, due to this. No heal party at all in the build...
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Postby Infinity » Wed Jun 14, 2006 3:16 pm

You asked for it:

Infinitys Shambles Split Build

Basic make-up:

2 Warriors
2 Monks
1 Flag runner ranger
1 Necro
1 Ele
1 Mesmer

Basic split:

Split 1 Offensive:
(1) W/A
(2) N/Mo
(3) E/Me

Split 2 Defensive:
(4) W/A
(5) Me/Rt
(6) Mo/Me
(7) Mo/Me

Split 3 Flag:
(8.) R/Mo

The Characters:

NB: Skills are displayed: [maintenance (if any) / energy / time / recharge]. Three quarters are written as 3:4

1. W/A
[axe 12+1+3, tactics 10+1, strength 8+1]
1. Aura of Displacement [E] (n/a) -1/10/1:4/20
2. Penetrating Blow (axe) 5a
3. Dismember (axe) 7a
4. Axe Rake (axe) 7a
5. Axe Twist (axe) 8a
6. Shield Stance (tac) 5/0/45
7. Healing Signet (tac) 0/2/4
8. Rez Sig

Notes: Furious axe of fortitute +15 while enchant. Use displacement to shadow step to target npc and unload axe combo.

2. N/Mo
[curse 12+1+3, heal 10, SR 8+1]
1. Defile Flesh (cur) 10/1/10
2. Rigor Mortis (cur) 10/2/30
3. Parasitic Bond (cur) 5/1/2
4. Faintheartedness (cur) 10/1/8
5. Heal Party (heal) 15/2/2
6. Purge Conditions (n/a) 5/1:4/20
7. Martyr [E] (n/a) 5/1/10
8. Rez Sig

Notes: +5 energy rod. Curses used on target to restrict healing while warrior and ele cause spike damage. Energy gained from sould reaping used to suppliment healing of party.

3. E/Me
[air 12+1+3, illusion 8, inspiration 5, energy 9+1]
1. Distortion (ill) 5/0/5
2. Lightning Strike (air) 5/1/5
3. Lightning Orb (air) 15/2/5
4. Chain Lightning (air) 10/3/10
5. Inspired Hex (insp) 5/1/0
6. Conjure Phantasm (ill) 10/1/5
7. Windbourne Speed (air) 10/1/5
8. Air Attunement (air) 10/2/45

7. Ether Prodigy
8. Rez Sig

Notes: Causes spike damage on target. Illusion degen to counteract any enchant healing. Inspired hex used mainly on character one incase hexes restrict effectiveness, also used to gain extra energy. Windbourne speed to aid charging and retreating.

4. W/A
[hammer 12+1+3, tactics 10+1, deadly 8]
1. Enduring Toxin (deadly) 5/1:4/10
2. Dark Prison (deadly) 10/1:4/60
3. Devastating Hammer [E] (ham) 7a
4. Belly Smash (ham) 5/1/30
5. Fierce Blow (ham) 6a
6. "Fear Me" (tac) 4a
7. "Watch Yourself" (tac) 4a
8. Rez Sig

Notes: Reduces the effectiveness of the enemy attack by knockdown, weakness and blind. Enduring toxin on kiting enemies, forcing them to stop. Dark prison to slow enemies before the hammer combo. Shouts aid defense.

5. Me/Rt
[fast casting 10+1+1, domination 9+2, inspiration 9+2, communing 8]
1. Arcane Languor [E] (fc) 10/2/15
2. Leech Signet (insp) 0/1:4/45
3. Energy Tap (insp) 5/3/25
4. Energy Burn (dom) 10/3/10
5. Diversion (dom) 10/3/10
6. Vital Weapon (com) 5/1/20
7. Binding Chains (com) 15/2/30
8. Rez Sig

Notes: Restricts enemy effectivess by limiting energy and movement. Arcane Langour is devastating on monks spamming protection skills or WoH. Binding chains used on enemy non-target warrior who is harrasing friendly monks while the rest of the team focus on softer targets.

6. Mo/Me (prot)
[prot 12+1+3, df 11+1, insp 6]
1. Air of Enchantement [E] (prot) 5/1:4/5
2. Reversal of Fortune (prot) 5/1:4/2
3. Guardian (prot) 5/1/2
4. Mend Condition (prot) 5/3:4/2
5. Protective Spirit (prot) 10/1:4/5
6. Aegis (prot) 15/2/30
7. Channelling (insp) 5/1/15
8. Drain Enchant (insp) 10/1/25

Notes: Combo of skills 1,2,3,2 if target is under attack.

7. Mo/Me (heal)
[df 11+1, heal 12+1+3, insp 6]
1. Blessed Light [E] (df) 10/3:4/5
2. Orision of Healing (heal) 5/1/2
3. Dwaynas Kiss (heal) 5/1/3
4. Healing Breeze (heal) 10/1/2
5. Devine Intervention (df) 5/1:4/30
6. Vigorous Spirit (heal) 5/1/4
7. Inspired Hex (insp) 5/1/0
8. Channelling (insp) 5/1/15

alternative: 5. Signet of Devotiion (df) 0/2/5

Notes: +5 energy wand. The elite isnt as spammable as WoH so 2 spammable skills are in slots 2 and 3. Vigorous spirit instead of healing seed as its less energy intensive. If energy is a problem use the alternative.

8. R/Mo
[marks 10+1+2, ws 11+1, ex 10+1]
1. Whirling Defence (ex) 10/0/60
2. Storm Chaser (ws) 10/0/30
3. Crippling Shot [E] (marks) 15/0/1
4. Distracting Shot (ex) 5/1:2/10
5. Throw Dirt (ex) 5/1/45
6. Apply Poison (ws) 15/2/12
7. Troll Unguent (ws) 5/3/10
8. Rez Sig

Notes: I am unsure as to the advantages of having an ele rather than a ranger as the flag runner so maybe someone could enlighten me. Also provides degen (poison) and interrupts for when the character joins the main group.

The main theory behind this build is that the offensive side can go and take out enemy npcs one at a time, giving an advantage during VoD. Every member of the defensive split has skills to either protect or to reduce the effectiveness of the enemy attack.
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Postby Varda » Fri Jun 16, 2006 11:48 am

I love the use of Arcane Langour on the mesmer. :)

Not so sure about channeling on the monks, as, unlike in HA, they're meant to be away from the front lines, and thus away from most enemies... Although in our particular guild hall, defending the guild lord OR attacking the enemy Lord this skil lcould come in handy.

The point of having an ele flag running is that they can do heaps of damage too - and spam heal party. Also they can keep a permanent 33% speed boost with just one skill, whereas rangers need two skills to achieve this (dodge and zojun's haste, for isntance, or storm chaser - but storm chaser is a 25% one).

Right, onto the perceived problems for the build: I don't think the second split and hold the fight at the flagstand. They'll be forced back and need the backup of the other split to be able to recover ground, I think. 4 people only at the flag stand seems a bit suicidal-ish to me. Why is the necro going with the offensive group? It seems to be mainly a supportive character, that should stay with the main group to use heal party and keep the enemies on their toes? Maybe I'm seing it wrong, though. :)
Also the splitting ele has no self heals, could this be why you're sending the necro along?

Just curious. :D
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Postby Infinity » Fri Jun 16, 2006 12:28 pm

Comments! At last, thanks.

Right, the monks:

The protection one is fine as far as energy is concerned, especially with drain enchant as a secondary method of energy gain. The combo mentioned in the notes only requires a total of 5 energy due to air of enchantment and by the time its all recharged and ready to go again you've probably recharged 5 energy anyway. Personally, although ive not tested it in PvP I have been down to Urzogs warren with it and had no problems and ive been through Naga with it without my henchies getting killed (which they did when I had my ranger)

As for the heal monk, I thought I'd include channelling given the introduction of assassins means it doesnt really matter where your monks stand to begin with and with only 1 warrior in that split are they going to stay at the back for very long? Inspired hex is in there as well to get back energy. Obviously I couldn't use OoB or Mantra of Recall because the elite spot was taken up. Didnt want to use energy tap because its 3 second cast. Are there any alternatives?

Is 4 people at the flag really suicidal? What would you prefer? A 2-5 split? How effective would offence be then. My aim is not to have the defensive team go all out and kill the enemy which is why I put each one of them with some kind of group protect skill. If they are having a hard time thats when the flag runner joins in (periodically) or the attacking split comes back to help. They should be able to survive against 4-5 enemies. Any more than that should see that they're npc's are getting picked off and split up.

I thought the necro was self explanitory. He goes with the offensive group to restrict healing (defile flesh - target only gains 2/3rds healing) on the chosen target, also rigor mortis means the warriors axe spike cannot be blocked or evaded. Any taget who's only getting 2/3rds benifit form healing, cannot block or evade attackes, has a deep wound and is getting spiked by a warrior and ele shouldn't last very long (in theory). Have they changed the area of effect for heal party? The main monk skills (heal party and martyr) just have "entire party" on the wiki skill description, I assumed he could use this while away from the main group to help them out.

On the ele/mes about the self heals, maybe ill have to rework that build. Tho any ideas on how to include a self heal without getting rid of any of the spike or degen? Maybe ether feast for windbourne?

Ok about the flag runner. Maybe ill have to do a straight swap.
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Postby Varda » Fri Jun 16, 2006 3:00 pm

The split problem is that most teams will send a larger group to fight at the stand, and will outnumebr the group there numerically. NPC's don't have much stright-up healing (rangers use ttroll unguent which isn't considered "healing" as far as the necro skill goes) and they don't really have an evasion/block stance. Neither do the warriors, I think. But if they're meant to take care of an anti-split build, then yes, it makes sense to have the necro there as there might be a monk or monk secondary along with that.

Heal Party now only affects party members within mini-map range. If party members aren't there, it doesn't work. I don't know about Martyr, as I've never tried it, but it's possible the same thing applies. (Will have to check it with someone else in game.)

As for energy management, I'm not sure what skill could be widely used. It's the reason I put power drain in the monk builds I used, but it too has big drawbacks. Guess we'll have to see with Air of Enchantment (agian, I never used it, but I take your word for it. :))

On the ele, indeed replace windbourne with a healing of some kind seems to be the best idea... Unless your initial idea was that, by having windborne, the ele could just flee when enemies aproached.

Again, if the offensive split is meant to deal with NPC's for the most part, then I think the necro isn't needed there. If an anti-split team is sent by the enemy guild, then yes, the necro's role in there makes perfect sense, to me at least.

I think it's an interesting build, though. wouldn't mind trying it out sometime. :) But it would be ncie to get mroe opinions and discussion around here.
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Postby Rhayader » Fri Jun 16, 2006 7:32 pm

i really meant to repli at some point. the whole forum isnt getting a lot of activity. even though i keep checking it every 30min...

i think the build in all is very well thought. most characters have defensive and healin skills to help the monk as well as decent dmg... it kinda makes me think on my mesmer thats used on the pressure build... i really think every character needs some sort of healing or protection since we cant be too dependant on monks.

i kinda like both W/A, specially the hammer one.

im not a big fan of the leach signet on the mesmers. the recharge is gruesome! is it suposed to be a skill interrupt, or just some way to get energy?

i really dont have much experience with monks, i should really start playing one
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Postby Klokwurk » Sat Jun 17, 2006 6:41 pm

Sorry I've not been around much to participate in stuff, peeps. Things have been not so good and my brain is broken.
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Postby Rhayader » Sat Jun 17, 2006 6:56 pm

i cant resist on going off topic but... klok's broken brain is just too much to resist!

pray, tell us more...
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Postby Mori » Sat Jun 17, 2006 7:28 pm

*hugs Klok*
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Postby Rhayader » Sat Jun 17, 2006 7:40 pm

i told him that his new tentacle only diet would be bad for his brain... but he wouldnt listen.... noone ever listens :(
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Postby Varda » Sun Jun 18, 2006 3:02 pm

*glomps klok*

We'll fix you up in no time... :)
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Postby Rhayader » Wed Jun 21, 2006 3:25 am

now plz dont flame me thisis a very experimental build. i dont have many of the skills used so it wasnt possible to try out all the individual builds. feedback would be much apreciated.

Fatal Fury FTW Build

Team formation:
2elementalists (one of wich is a flag runner)

Warrior/Monk - teh smiting hammer

Hammer Mastery 10+2+1
Tactics 9+2
Strenght 4+1
Smiting Prayers 11

1. Devastating Hammer [E]
2. Hammer Bash
3. Healing Sig
4." To the Limit"
5. "Watch yourself"
6. Stonesoul strike
7. Holy Strike
8. Rez Sig

so basically, the objective is to knock down ur foe using devastating hammer and hammer bash afterwards, since it removes all adrenaline. and then spike them with stonesoul strike and holy strike, since they give added dmg if the foe is knocked down. the total dmg of the spike should be around 190dmg or so. hammer bash was initially heavy blow, to take advantage of the devastating hammer's weakness condition, but latter i prefered to change it to hamer bash since u might want to change targets and for heavy blow to work u needed to have ur foe with weakness.
WARNING: the spike wont work unless u have stonekin gauntlets. the added KD time makes it possible to spike both stone sould AND holy strike on the same KD.
use "to the limit" to give extra adrenaline

Warrior/x - teh turbo slasher

Swordsmanship 12+3+1
Strenght 9+1
Tactics 9+1

1. Hundred Blades [E]
2. Sun and Moon Slash
3. Tiger Stance
4. Sever
5. Gash
6. Galrath Slash
7. Heal sig
8. Rez sig

i've tried out this build now that i've got all the skills required. and frankly it was quite rubish. i removed warriors cunning becuz it had a cooldown of 60s!! and quite a large cost for a warrior. so i changed it to sun and moon slash as it should help tiger stance on a little more. as for tiger stance i really dont know for sure now, as its not as spammable as frenzy. the thing is, i really hate ineptitude and one clumsiness and BAM ur down if ur distracted.

Mesmer/Assassin - teh ninja mesmer

Domination 11+1+3
Inspiration 10+1
Fast Casting 10+1

1. Blackout
2. Shame
3. Sig of Weariness
4. Aura of Displacement [E]
5. Diversion
6. E-Burn
7. Ether Feast
8. Rez Sig

No more e-denial with this puppy. just get in there with aura of displacement and blackout that monk! if u have time just get cast in diversion cuz after the blackout the monk is bound to cast something usefull to him. in between blackouts u can have fun using the other skills

Mesmer/Elementalist - teh hex shufler

Illusion 11+1+3
Inspiration 10+1
Fast Casting 10+1

1. Conjure phantasm
2. Images of remorse
3. Conjure Nightmare
4. Arcane conundrum
5. Glyph of energy [E]
6. e-tap
7. Drain Enchant
8. Rez sig

im really not sure about the drain enchant, or maybe it should be replaced by ether feast. but anyway... this is just about spamming hexes. the glyph should keep u stocked and if it doesnt u can rely on e-tap and drain enchant to do the job. just spam spam spam the degen. hopefully the monks should panic with all the purple in their bars

Elementalist/x - teh power stone

Earth magic 10+2+1
Air magic 11+2
Energy Storage 10+1

1. Ward against melee
2. Sliver Armor
3. Lightning Javelin
4. Ward against Foes
5. Arc Lightning
6. Lightning Orb
7. E.attunement [E]
8. Rez Sig

this was made to add some protection with the wards. if the elegets targeted use sliver armor to get some added protection till help comes along. arc lightning should be used togheter with the flag runners hexes

Elementalist/Monk - teh runner

Water magic 12+2+1
Energy Storage 8+2
Healing prayers 10

1. Heal Party
2. Healing Breeze
3. Glyph of lessr energy
4. Rez sig
5. Ether Prodigy [E]
6. Deep freeze
7. Armor of myst
8. Blurred Vision

inspired on anya's flag runner i made this one. same thing, run with armor of myst. use deep freeze and blurred vision when near the main team. keep using heal party whenever possible. and healing beeze to help ur teammates or urself! the hexes should be called so the other ele may know when to cast arc lightning.

(now comes the worst part)

Monk/Mesmer - teh n00b healer

Healing Prayers 12+3+1
Divine boon 8+1
inspiration 10

1. Orizon of healing
2. Heal Other
3. Dwaynas kiss
4. Signet of rejuvenation
5. Healing Touch
6. Healing Whisper
7. E.Drain [E]
8. Inspired Hex

i can just hope this works. anyway if it doesnt feel free to change it inot any kind of healing monk u desire. healing breeze isnt here in case it could overlap the one in the runner...

Monk/Mesmer - teh n00b protector

Protection prayers 12+3+1
Inspiration 12
Divine boon (remaining)

1. Life Sheath [E]
2. Aegis
3. Guardian
4. Reversal Of Fortune
5. Protective spirit
6. Drain enchant
7. Inspired enchant (or inspired Hex)
8. Mend Condition

when i made this i had no ideia it was going to turn out so similar to the ones already posted. though kivan's is a bit more like the one lys advised me to use. but i really liked life sheath. i think anya would agree with me :D not sure if this will work. i hate protection monks anyway, so meh :P

initially i thought of this being a split build. though im not sure ifit would work or not. the main strategy to follow would be to let the warriors build adrenaline for awhile, drain some energy and spam some hexes while the ele uses the wards, the runner runs and the monks do their stuff. when a target is called, teh ninja mesmer blacks out the the monk thats not the target (preferably the healer) and both warriors togheter with the ele move in for the kill. hopefully the spike should be enough. this will require coordination though, wich i know we dont have. im still very shy speaking in vent :(
even if the spike doesnt work, they would have done its job into putting the monks into some stress, as the hexes degen continues to do their work.

anyway, this is it. i might have forgotten to mention something, but i can edit this later
thnx for ur pacience
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Postby Varda » Wed Jun 21, 2006 4:47 pm

I have to say that... I don't like the healing monk. Really don't like it. it might work, but.... >.< Life Sheat is FTW.

I like the warrior-spike idea, combined with the air ele... But... How much damage is the ele doing by themselves? Did you calculate it? Cause I don't know if the dual spike is enough to quickly bring down a target before healing reaches them...

Other than that, I think this build has potential. Real potential. :D
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Postby Rhayader » Wed Jun 21, 2006 8:02 pm

i knwo, the monks are crappy. i really have no experience with them.... i really should make a pve monk and start practicing.
i did see about the air dmg of the ele, cant remember it though. the build doesnt revolve entirely around the spike. its more of a pressure build with the mesmers hexes and blackout and the warriors. the spike is simply to finish off a character or to add extra pressure.
remeber that on a 2monk backline if one of them gets blacked out and the other knocked down then it will be very hard to heal.
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Postby Rhayader » Thu Jul 06, 2006 4:39 pm

*edited the warrior/x on my build
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