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House Behelit's proud history

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A Brief History of the Guild

House Behelit's Guild Wars 1 capeIn the beginning, there was the alpha testing. There were two bastions of courage. Heroes of their time. They were Mori and Muppet. When it became time for the Beta test of GW1 to begin, these two let it be known to a certain rpg community that this cadillac of MMOs was coming up for beta. The community took part in the beta weekends and created a guild known as The Flaming Fist. They rampaged across the lands and made it to Lion's Arch many times.

However, after a number of resets, they became known as House Behelit, after the magical item from Berserk. Many of the originals left or became inactive. However, there was a rich core of the guild to remain. Others joined. Friends, family and significant others of existing members. One member's girlfriend was Portuguese and through her several new members appeared, giving the guild a significant Portuguese contingent. Since then other members have been in Belgium and even Argentina. Members have come and gone, arrived and then faded into inactivity. However, there has always been a core. A good central group of friends that have remained.

Our guild is not heavily into PvP. We had a flurry of GvG back in the first game, but we never really went in for the gimmick builds. As a result, we were always a bit rubbish. The Guild has faded quite a bit in the last couple of years as people essentially did everything they wanted to do in the game. However, with the upcoming release of GW2, expect the guild to reappear with a wild ferocity!

Also, for the love of Dwayna, don't mention yaoi to any of the female members of the guild. D: