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A little about me:
Nick: Varda, Tenny, Anya
Age: 27
Sex: Female

Varda is the original crazy Portuguese of the Guild. She was introduced to Guild wars via Beraton and instantly became adicted. Somehow she managed to drag a few more people into the game and made them join House Behelit. She's famous for her love of Yaoi (sharing that characteristic with three other female members and a couple of the males) and for being an annoying prat whenever she wants to do something in game, badgering people until they get so sick of it that they'll do anything to shut her up.

In more recent years she ended up moving to the United Kingdom, and now does not even remember what that bright yellow blob in the sky used to look like.

There's nothing better than a female ranger. Except maybe some Yaoi.

No characters yet! :(

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